kokpitDuring my sabbatical in Turkey in 2009, TBC and I were in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul half a dozen times. We always ate at the Kokpit Kafe while waiting for flights to smaller cities in Turkey.  Every flight went in and out of Istanbul.

Yesterday another terrorist attack happened.  Once again, innocent people were randomly killed.

I have no words of wisdom here.  Just a reminder that our days are not guaranteed and life is precious and evil brings random destruction.

With that in mind, I pray that our congregations in conflict will stop treating each other disrespectfully.  I pray that pastors who have lost the energy and the will to love their people will step aside.  I pray that colleagues will not sabotage each other for the sake of power.  There is so much good work to do.  A world beset with random violence has no time for church foolishness.

Image of the Kokpit Cafe in the Ataturk Airport where over 35 souls perished yesterday.


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