In Search of: A Wonderful, Bountiful, Not Bad, Pretty Good Day

AlexanderRemember Alexander? He’s not the only one who suffers bad days.  (This post was inspired by this article.  I feel for him.)

Sometimes our days are filled with First World annoyances.  And sometimes people experience unspeakable horror.  Unspeakable horror seems to be winning.

There is always more to do than we get done in a given day, and we can respond to this cosmic reality in several ways:

  • Lie awake in bed regretting our time management decisions.
  • Work more.  Rest less.
  • Assess the good witnessed/achieved/experienced that day and give thanks.

My work schedule varies every day.  I have a list of things to do, and my day might or might not turn out the way I planned.  Maybe your days are like this as well.

But there is good each day.  I – for one – can’t survive without daily assessing what I witnessed or achieved or experienced that was life-giving and redemptive.

  • Who was loved?
  • Who was heard?
  • What was appreciated?
  • How was God honored?

And then we try again tomorrow.

Whether we try to follow the way of Jesus or not, we can all be kinder to each other. We can do the right thing, even if no one is watching.  We can give someone else a really good day.

Image from Judith Viorst’s book.  Illustration by Ray Cruz.

2 responses to “In Search of: A Wonderful, Bountiful, Not Bad, Pretty Good Day

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  2. Thanks! Encouraging.


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