Another Reason to Believe in God: Back to School Edition

Welcome to 4th gradeFourth Grade was rough for our SBC.   His teacher announced in early October that she would be out for several weeks with health concerns but  – not to worry – she’d be back in December.

She didn’t return in December.  Or in January.  Or March.  Or May. Even though there were regular announcements about her return dates, she never returned again.

For a kid who found transition difficult, this brought some anxiety.  There were different substitute teachers each week.   And with each substitute teacher came  a different set of expectations.

SBC strategically got into trouble a lot because at least he knew what would happen. Acting out = Time Out On The Red Bench and the consistency of that consequence brought comfort.

The summer after Fourth Grade, SBC and I ran into his teacher out running errands and she shared updates about her health and all was well.  After a brief chat, I asked SBC if there was anything he wished to say to her before we moved on, thinking he would say, “Have a good summer!” or “It was good to see you.”  (HH and I had tried to teach our kids basic niceties.)

SBC put his 9 year old hand on the shoulder of the person who’d been his  Fourth Grade Teacher for about five weeks and said this:

May the LORD bless you and keep you.  May the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  May the LORD lift the light of his countenance upon you and grant you peace.

(We had also taught our children The Aaronic Blessing.)

My point is that SBC is amazing.

And here’s the kicker:  next week he begins a new job working with Fourth Graders in Brooklyn.  It occurs to me that God is redeeming Fourth Grade for our SBC.  He has the chance to give other children the Fourth Grade he never had.

Another reason I believe in God.

8 responses to “Another Reason to Believe in God: Back to School Edition

  1. To the parent of a third grader worried about starting a new school next week, this is a salve. Thank you.


  2. AAAAAGH! I love this most of all. Blessings on him and his new group of kids.


  3. Jessica McClure Archer

    Jan, thanks for sharing this! We say goodnight to our 4th and 2nd grader with the same blessing or a variation. We know it seeps deep within them.


  4. Ohhhhh.


  5. Totally made me cry.


  6. Jan, he will love it. I have taught fourth grade for MANY years because Mrs. Sparks, my fourth grade teacher, was the best teacher in the world. My prayers will be that he stays healthy this year!!


  7. What a great story! Hope your son has a WONDERFUL school year; he deserves it!


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