Look Who’s Human!

no-human-being-is-illegalThe Word became flesh and blood, 
and moved into the neighborhood.  John 1:14a 

As Christians prepare for The Coming of Christ, those preparations – of course – go beyond hanging tinsel and wrapping gifts.  Advent is sometimes called a mini Lent because we have soul work to do before we can fully welcome Jesus.  For the love of God (literally) – we especially need this spiritual component post-election.

Our humanity is literally at risk.

Some look upon Muslims, People of Color, Immigrants, Refugees, Women, and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer People and do not consider them/us to be as fully human as they themselves are.  Some of us forget that all human beings were created in the image of God – even “those people” whom we don’t understand or try to avoid.  The tenor of our President-Elect’s message has created authentic fear.

And there are those who did not vote for the President-elect who question his and his supporters’ humanity.

Advent is the season when we try to magnify our humanity.

Although some equate “human” with lesser qualities (“I’m only human“) the Bible reminds us that to be human is to be “a little less than the angels.”   To be human is to aspire to the best and highest.  To be human is to be like Jesus.

Jesus perfected what it looks like to be human.

We are a hot mess right now because we are forgetting what it means to be human.  We dehumanize people.  We are often inhuman in the way we treat each other.  Waterboarding?  Terrorizing?  “Rounding up”?  “Conversion therapy”?  These things are not who we are as people created in God’s image.

We are awaiting the coming of One who was himself tortured and terrorized – not someone who called for others to be tortured and terrorized.  How are we missing this?

Imagine Advent as the season when we try to become more human in honor of Jesus.  I can’t think of a better way to prepare for Christmas.

3 responses to “Look Who’s Human!

  1. Yes Jan, this says it all. Thank you!


  2. >>we need the best and brightest serving in the non-profit sector.<< Exactly!


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