Connecting the Dots

How do we discern God’s will for ourselves?  I’m in the discernmentconnect-the-dots business and I’ve found that:

  • It’s not magic.
  • It’s not discerned in isolation.
  • It’s not revealed without some level of discomfort.

In other words, we don’t uncover God’s will for us  by opening a Bible and pointing. Community affirmation is essential.  (i.e. we cannot “call ourselves”) And God rarely calls us to do something easy.

When Denise Anderson and I were discerning whether or not we were called to stand for Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) we grappled together and with others.  No bird flew through the window with a golden envelope.  The community encouraged us (although there were a couple naysayers.) And it semi-terrified us.

So now I find myself loving life as one of the Co-Moderators and in the past several weeks I am connecting the dots regarding where God might be leading us as the Church.  It’s not magic.  It’s not a solitary effort on my part and Denise’s part.  It’s a little scary.  But it’s also holy, hard, amazing, and inspiring.

On the cusp of the weekend when we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his example of human rights work, these are the days when it’s becoming clearer that we are called – as followers of Jesus – to do the same in the 21st Century Church. There are dots being connected all around – between refugees and victims of hate crimes, between Christians, Jews, and Muslims, between old and young.

What is God calling you to do and be here on the cusp of this MLK weekend and on the cusp of our next President’s inauguration?  It’s not only a great time to be the Church; it is an especially important time to be the Church.

How are you connecting the dots?

One response to “Connecting the Dots

  1. Amen! Let’s submit to the will of God, listen..and know that faith is “Action”!”


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