Tiny House Dreaming

HH and I live in a mansion compared to how most people in the world live.  All our grown kids and dogs fit when they are visiting.  But compared to our neighbors, it’s a medium sized house.

We raised our family in a one bathroom home and it worked out just fine.  We
now have a lavish 1.5 bathroom home which feels luxurious.  And the biggest plus about our current home is a humongous backyard where we’ve thrown one wedding and could accomodate at least four Tiny Houses – or six if we were willing to give up more green space.

And this brings me to my Tiny House Dreams.  Retirement is closer than it used to be and so I find myself pondering how I might like to live post-professional ministry.  At this point, my dreams involve:

  • Walkability and/or public transportation.  (I do not plan driving past my 80th birthday – which is a wildly radical thing to say considering I’ve not imagined I could live that long until recently.)
  • High coziness quotient.  Comfy space.
  • Super efficient.  Less furniture and more built in cabinets/book shelves.
  • A place for guests/potential grandchildren and their parents.  And dog(s).

I have no idea where this dream life might happen geographically.  But this is what I ponder and it’s really fun.

Where and how will you live in – say – ten years?  What’s your dream?

Image of my new favorite Tiny House.

2 responses to “Tiny House Dreaming

  1. I retired 7 years ago and we moved into a 550 sq ft studio apartment in San Francisco for 15 months. It was wonderful. But, we kept our 1300 sq ft house in Fresno because it was paid for. (That would be my biggest suggestion for those getting ready to retire–pay off everything.)

    When the SF rents skyrocketed, and no job in nonprofits was forthcoming, we headed back to that house. It is comfortable with enough room for the two of us (and grandkids when they visit), yet small enough to require minimal care. I would say retirement homes should be comfortable, reliable, and easy to care for.


  2. I want very much to live in a co-housing community with a mind to environmental and social sustainability. It would allow me to care for others and be cared for by others, to live faithfully in a very tangible way. Living with my sister’s family over the past 16 months has taught me some very valuable lessons about how much a village improves the well-being of its inhabitants. I certainly wouldn’t mind living in a tiny home, and oftren thing that would be preferable, provided I had access to a full-sized kitchen. My imagined dream house is quite modest and the only real features I know I would like are a dual oven, a porch, and a big table to welcome family and friends. Co-housing offers both in community with like-minded people and that seems like a wonderfully fulfilling experience.


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