NEXTChurch Takeaway: Redirect

“It’s time for a major redirect.”  Dr. Paul Roberts at closing worship of NEXTChurch 2017 in Kansas City

A friend shared with me recently that her spouse had gone to the doctor with breathing issues.  He’s a smoker.

Doctor:  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Keep smoking.  

Patient:  Really?

Doctor:  Yes.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Also – you’ll be back here in a year needing an oxygen tank.  

Imagine hearing  that we don’t need to change a thing and all will be well.  Whew. That was easy.

But it’s not the truth.  We’ll need an oxygen tank this time next year.

Things have got to change – not just what we know needs to change and not just what we want to change.  Even those things we do not want to change must change.  Yikes.

I’m just back from the NEXTChurch national conference and as ideas float around in my brain and stir my soul, I’ll be reflecting back in a couple of posts.  I look forward to the stirrings of others who attended and others who push back/ask questions/introduce further ideas.

Image by Lisle Gwynn Garrity of her rendition of Walls and Wells, the theme for NEXTChurch 2017 in Kansas City.



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