This is Why I’m Here

I love those moments when it’s clear that you were supposed to be at that very point in time and space.

A couple weeks ago, after hearing a stirring sermon, the person sitting beside me in the pews said, “That’s why I was supposed to be here today.”  She had tears in her eyes and – frankly – I loved the sermon too.  But there was something about it that rang especially true and real for my friend.

We can’t make these moments happen.  But we can look out for them.  We can pay attention.

Last week, I was sitting in a room with strangers and friends listening to the hopes of a pastor in a faraway place who has a vision for ministry among the poor in his city and beyond. Suddenly, I felt it:  that moment.  This is why I came to Puerto Rico.

Things made so much sense and my whole life seemed to connect to that very point in time.  The strands of my life pulled together into some cosmic choreography: the family farm, summers spent smelling cow manure, a daughter “called to the dirt,” agricultural entrepreneurs I’ve known and loved, recent readings about Farminary, leadership development, Diana’s book.  I don’t know what it means but I plan to pay attention.

Image is Blessing for Those Who Have Far to Travel © Jan Richardson.   Used with permission.

One response to “This is Why I’m Here

  1. Marylen Marty-Gentile

    I am so grateful that you (and Denise) are the face and heart of the church.


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