This is What Sin Looks Like

God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.  The Bible is an equal opportunity offender in terms of politics.  But I’m in search of any Christian who can give me a Biblical case for:

  • removing health care for financially insecure human beings
  • deporting people who fear for their lives in their countries of origin
  • opposing abortion while also opposing support for the care of young families
  • failing to welcome the stranger, especially from poor countries.
  • breaking treaties with sovereign nations, including Native American nations
  • assuming that all people of color are dangerous.

Yes, people disagree about politics.  But can someone please explain to me how anyone who claims to follow Jesus can call for and celebrate political actions that target the poor, the sick, the powerless, the minority, the refugee, the terrified, or the desperate?  Anyone?

PS America is not a white nation.

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5 responses to “This is What Sin Looks Like

  1. Politics is not Christian. To me, this is sad but true. In the US, politics operates in the realm of public discourse, which is a much broader spectrum of opinion than Christianity. It is difficult to legislate compassion.


  2. Preach!! Amen!!


  3. You tell ’em, Madame Moderator!


  4. Amen and amen, and yet again I say AMEN! I could not agree with you more, and yet am almost daily confronted by so-called Christian friends who would argue that all of the above are absolutely acceptable, especially to Christians. Needless to say, our conversations tend to be very short, or else to become very heated…!


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