Beautiful Things on a Random Tuesday

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us*


Yes the world is a hot mess.  But sometimes we simply need to notice the beautiful things around us.  This is what I see today:

  • My neighbor who’s been too sick to leave the house in a while was seen in her front yard today with a cane, smiling.
  • The male goldfinches are electric yellow again.
  • Our backyard looks like Ireland because of all the rain.  (And for a while a duck family was living back there in our temporary pond.)
  • Spence is back from dog camp loving life.
  • The irises are about to bloom.

What do you see?  Extra points if what you see once looked like dust.

*lyrics by Gungor.

3 responses to “Beautiful Things on a Random Tuesday

  1. The sparrows have found shelter in the eaves of our deck and are now raising their young in that protected place. The little ones cry out and the parents swoop in to provide food. It’s a beautiful reminder of many things including the need for shelter, food, love and safety.


  2. Last night we had a FaceTime visit with our granddaughter who just learned to sit up by herself and was “reading” a book most of the time! As a retired school librarian, that really warmed my heart!


  3. Our youngest cat has been sick for almost a week. Today he is better and playing in the sprinklers. It makes me happy to know he feels better.


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