The Bearers of Brunts

It’s not easy to be a pastor . . . or a teacher, health professional, caregiver, spouse, parent, child, social worker, housekeeper, office administrator, civil servant, human being.  I have been thinking about those among us who “bear the brunt” of life’s difficulties.  The dictionary describes this as “enduring the worst of bad circumstances.”

Consider . . .

  • The families who bear the brunt of a person’s addiction.
  • The spouses who bear of the brunt of their husband or wife’s dementia.
  • The child who bears the brunt of a parent’s mental illness.
  • The employee who bears the brunt of an employer’s frustration.
  • The poor who bear of brunt of greedy people.
  • The human beings who bear of the brunt of working for an erratic commander-in-chief.

I can’t imagine what they are enduring.

It’s a beautiful day in Chicago this afternoon.  Take a moment to say a word of thanks for someone who has borne your brunt.  Take a moment to imagine what it’s like for those who cannot enjoy the day because they are bearing someone else’s brunt.  And reach out.  Maybe we can give somebody a break.

This post was inspired by this article and all who are enduring the worst in difficult circumstances.

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