Pentecost Sunday

There will be no rush for Pentecost Brunch today.  Nobody’s sending Pentecost cards.  But it’s my favorite day in the liturgical year.  Who’s ready to set the world on fire?

3 responses to “Pentecost Sunday

  1. Me. Heading for church now, eager to hear your message.


  2. It’s may favourite day of the church year too!


  3. Afraid we missed Pentecost services as we were still celebrating my great nephew’s Bar Mitzvah (which was actually on Saturday but lasted all weekend!). I was privileged to give the Prayer for our Country during a three hour ceremony that was mostly in Hebrew! Our 9 month old granddaughter loved all the chanting and chimed right in! I just wish my parents could have been there to see their three great grandchildren all together for the first time. I did wear red for the car trip home from Mt. Kisco, NY to Leesburg, VA.


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