Good Girls

I was facilitating a parenting group several years ago and one of the parents asked the group if being “a good kid” meant being a compliant kid. Good question.

Good kids follow the rules. Good kids control their emotions. Good girls – in particular – are expected to be subdued and deferential.

Yesterday HH and I finally saw Wonder Woman and let’s just say that Diana, Princess of the Amazon was not always a rule keeper.  Both as a child and as a young woman, she defied requests/commands/ultimata to refrain from saving the world.  People who loved her wanted to keep her safe.  But her inherent kick-assery made compliance unlikely.

Nevertheless, Diana was the best of the Good Girls.  She knew when to fight.  She knew when to empathize.  She believed in grace.

I don’t believe you get what you deserve.  You get what you believe and I believe in love.”

Good girls might indeed be compliant, but the best ones I know demand respect for themselves and for others. They are kind.  They are brave. They believe that love changes the world.

Image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (2017)


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