This Week in LOVE

Some people are hateful.  Some systems are hateful.  The New York Times occasionally picks a particularly hateful slice of life and includes it in a column called This Week in Hate.  Last week it was about innocent people being “swatted.”  Most of the articles are about people who are targeted because of their race or religion.

I’d like to lift up slices of life observed in the past week that shines a light on something done out of sheer love.  Maybe I’ll do this every Friday.  I haven’t decided yet.

Last week someone tweeted this advice:  “Find someone who looks at you the way everyone looks at Viola Davis.”  

Great advice – if you can make it happen – but being loved is not something we can control.  I can’t make someone love me and neither can you.  Love is unspeakably mysterious and  full of grace.  Long-sustaining love is also hard work.

Being loved when we are unlovable is especially miraculous.

So as I ponder This Week in Love – at least in my own small life – I thank God for HH who was an especially perfect partner this past week.  Next week is his birthday and I couldn’t be happier that he was born.  There are no words.

May each of you find at least one person who looks at you the way everybody looks at Viola Davis.  Everybody deserves this.

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