Dream Team

THE Dream Team included the best basketball players in the world and they delivered the Olympic Gold Medal to the United States in 1992.

But I have a Dream Team too.

My dream team includes family and friends who care what happens to me.  I could call many of them in the middle of the night and say, “I need you” and they’d be right over.  My dream team includes an excellent internist who asks me about stress at work, a dentist who knows what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s profession, a coach who knows Church World, a lawyer who doesn’t (but he’s just what I need), an accountant who’s a PK, and a therapist who kicks my butt.  I have an almost perfect dog.  My dream team includes a scheduler who sits at a desk three states away but she knows my every move, a car mechanic who knows the mysteries of Hondas, several barristas and quite a few pastors.

Everybody needs a dream team.

Everybody needs cheerleaders, fixers, and the human equivalent of a pillow.  We need people who stand up for us when we are too tired to stand up for ourselves. We need people who will bring us sweet tea and key lime pie (or whatever brings us comfort.)  We need people who pray for us and with us.  We need people who love us when we are unlovable.

Church People are given obvious and abundant opportunities to be on somebody’s Dream Team or to help people create their own.  I’ve watched countless examples of this: The Church stepping up when a person is living a nightmare with – seemingly –  no way out.

I believe that the world already has a Savior, so it’s not about being somebody’s Savior.  Nevertheless, God has called those of us with solid dream teams in our own lives to use our resources and our privileges to calm the nightmares of others.  Everybody deserves a Dream Team who will support and bless them.

Who is on your own Dream Team?  And subsequently, whose Dream Team are we on?  Do we need to consider sitting with someone in their nightmare?

Image of Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley.  Be still my heart.

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