Are We Having Fun Yet?

Every job has it’s not-so-fun parts.  I personally hate doing expense reports.

But if our daily work doesn’t also give us joy and life and moments of fun, I’m not sure we are in the right place.

I remember talking with a colleague about his new call – a complicated congregation with the reputation for serious crankitude – and when I asked how things were going, his face lit up and he said, “I’m having so much fun!”

This is why I believe in “call” – if we are truly called to do something, it’s because we have both the chops and the cosmic prompting to do it.  And it’s meant to be fun – at least occasionally.

Not only can ministry among challenging people be fun  – if the call to serve them is real –  but highway toll-taking, tax accounting, house painting, garden weeding, and tooth polishing can be fun if we enjoy it.  I enjoy none of those things.

But my neighbor asked me recently about my work in the Church and after I described it, he said, “That sounds awful.

Not to me.  It’s really fun.

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