My notion of saints has been impacted by watching Season 2 of Stranger ThingsI love this show for many reasons but one of them is the culture of making sacrifices for others.  This is saintly behavior – even on Netflix.

Spoiler Alert:  Steve gives us the starting lineup for babysitting.  Barb gave up her life for BFF cover up. Joyce gives up Mother of the Year for saving the planet.

Last night during Trick or Treating, I observed a big brother choosing a Twizzler over a Reese’s Pumpkin because little brother said he wanted the last Reese’s.  In the past week, I witnessed community organizers giving up their own privilege for others.  I watch people every day do make sacrifices from giving up their seat on the train to giving up their vacation money to ensure that a refugee family gets a car.

This is what 21st Century sainthood looks like.  Thanks be to God.

Image is All Saints Day by Wassily Kandinsky (1911)

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