Sharing the Sugar Plums

When our own three kids were still in school and home, church leaders with kids in college or beyond would ask to be excused from evening meetings when their young adult children were in town.  This was semi-annoying to their judge-y pastor:  where was their commitment?

I get it now.

Although we talk with them often, we only see our 20-somethings a few times a year, especially since we live states away from FBC and SBC, and an ocean away from TBC.  I miss them.

When they are in town, I want to clear the decks and the calendar.

One of the joys of the season is blessing others with the joys of the season.  This is a great time to double our tips in diners and tell our postal workers how awesome they are.  It’s a great time to give everyone the afternoon off or take the preschool teachers their favorite coffees.

Why in the world would I begrudge my colleagues’ desire to spend precious time with their loved ones?  Because I was missing that part in the Bible about abundant life.

God wants us to experience joy and laughter and beauty and fun and goodness – and to offer that for others. For those who are working hard to make this season beautiful, let’s give them a smile, a break, a compliment, a night off.  Let’s share the sugar plums.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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