They’ll Never Apologize (But It Will Be OK)

Another Kate Bowler reference:

When Terry Gross interviewed Kate Bowler for Fresh Air earlier this month, she asked a question about the long process between experiencing her first physical pains and her receiving a diagnosis of  advanced colon cancer.  Bowler had been in pain for a long time and kept calling her doctor for help, but it wasn’t until she herself demanded a CT scan that a huge tumor was discovered.  Terry Gross asked this:

Did that doctor ever, at the very least, apologize to you? Did you ever consider suing? Like, I would just be so angry.

For the record, the doctor never apologized and probably never will.

In my years of ministry – and especially as one of the Co-Moderators of my denomination, I’ve heard stories of people who have been hurt by the church they love.  Sometimes the hurt involved heinous misconduct against them.  And sometimes the hurt involved mere offenses to their souls.  Sometimes there was a cursory “my bad” or a general acknowledgement that something wasn’t handled well.  But more times than not,  there is no satisfying apology.

But it will be okay.  It has to be okay.

The world is not fair and people will take advantage of the innocent, ignore the the suffering, betray the friend, and gaslight the unsuspecting.  Unfounded rumors will be believed.  Dishonest people in power will prevail in spite of the truth.

God knows what happened.  God knows what’s real.  And while it may not be comforting to hear that “God knows” there is some relief in that faith.

Part of spiritual maturity – as frustrating as this is – involves trusting God to work it out.  It’s possible for bodies and souls to find peace without justice.  It’s sweeter when justice reigns.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that – at least for now – justice doesn’t often reign in this life. Nevertheless we keep striving towards justice.

There is an Easter.  Just not yet.

One response to “They’ll Never Apologize (But It Will Be OK)

  1. true. true. sadly so true.


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