I’ve Seen a Glimpse of the Future Church (and It’s Awesome)

“Everybody” knows that the 20th Century Church is pregnant and/or dying/flat.  “Everybody” knows that the 21st Century Church is going to be something different.  But most of us have no idea what that difference will look like exactly.

I have seen a glimpse of it and it wasn’t revealed at a church camp or a worship service or a conference or in a pilgrimage to a holy place (unless you consider Austin, Texas a holy place – which some people do.)  For the first time in the history of South by Southwest – that huge music and film event held every March in Texas’ capital city – there was a panel discussion on religious faith.

For the love of all things holy, please listen to this.  It’s an hour of your time featuring  Ana Marie Cox, Ben Howe, Bree Newsome, and Noor Tagouri. They share their personal faith stories and engage in a conversation about faith in something bigger than themselves in this divided 21st Century world in which we find ourselves.

What I heard impacts the Church in every way.  More tomorrow, but – please – check it out.  It changed my life and my perspective on ministry.  I hope it will change yours.

Image is the 2018 South by Southwest logo.

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