Bacon Will Not Save Us

Easter meat is a theological choice for many of us. 

Some people choose lamb for Easter Sunday dinner because of this.  Or we choose ham believing that Jesus redeems and casts aside this.

But you have probably also noticed that bacon’s status as both hipster food and everything-is-better-with-it food is off the charts.  The Washington Post commented on this last week.  (I beg to differ with Mr. Carman.)

[Special tip of the hat to one of my favorite Chicago breakfast establishments which serves flights of bacon.]

Bacon’s smoky crunchiness improves everything from burgers to bloodies to dating apps.  But alas, it doesn’t mend broken hearts or balance the budget.

There is immediate satisfaction with bacon but – like many other immediate satisfactions – the truth is that it’s not a healthy choice.  In this season of Easter (Note: it’s not just one day) this is a good time to make healthy choices from taking our Sabbath to sharing our money with good causes that change the world.  Spring is upon us.  If we are lucky, there is bacon in the air.  But we also need to get our vegetable gardens going.  And maybe offer a hearty Thank You to the One who invented springtime.

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed.

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