Sometimes We Need Beauty

My preaching group meets for about four days every year but we do much more than preach/share sermon preparation.  I was thinking about sharing the Top Ten Quotes of the week, but I can’t because:

  1. Some of my favorite quotes are too revealing in terms of keeping confidence, and
  2. Some of them make us sound a little unhinged.

One of the quotes I can share though is this one:  “I need someone to give me a benediction.”  A benediction – for those who don’t do church – is a blessing usually imparted by the preacher to the congregation at the end of a worship service.

In my most exhausted moments of ministry, my voice cracks during the benediction because I am done.  I can barely utter another word, much less a holy word and I think that means that I need someone to give me a benediction too.

Yesterday our preaching group did something that worked wonders for our ability to preach/breathe/keep going.  We spent the afternoon at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center outside Austin, TX.  Because sometimes we need someone to give us a blessing.

Sometimes we need beauty.  Flowers and trees are among God’s best benedictions.

Images from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center outside Austin.

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