From Virginia to North Carolina By Way of Chicago

It’s less than 400 miles from Our Nation’s Capital where HH and I raised our children and served the Church for 22 years to North Carolina where I have moved to begin my next chapter of professional ministry.  But it took me seven years to get here.

Like the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt to Canaan, I have arrived from Virginia to North Carolina indirectly although my detour took only seven years.  I loved that detour through Chicago – which was the farthest west I’ve ever lived except for a summer in Guatemala.

I learned so much in Chicagoland.  I learned that deep dish pizza is for tourists and Rick Bayless’ restaurants are for people who appreciate the perfect mole sauce.  I learned that you can take the architectural boat trip a dozen times and it will be life-giving every time.  I learned that ketchup on hotdogs is an abomination. I learned that Anthony Rizzo is one of my favorite humans. And I learned a great deal about mid-council ministry.

Leadership is a fascinating journey and I can hardly wait to start working with leaders in my new part of the world.  I’ve been relishing this.

We learn from great leaders but we also learn from not-so-great leaders.  Learning how not to lead is as valuable as learning how. 

For many years, I’ve kept notes on the shifts into 21st Century leadership both in and outside the Church.  I have files and files and files. I see patterns and trends.  And it seems to come down to – simplistically – dignity and authenticity.

I’d love to hear your insights as I share my own in the coming days.


4 responses to “From Virginia to North Carolina By Way of Chicago

  1. Jan. Congratulations on your new position. It will be good to have you closer to us. We’ve missed you mightily in Cincinnati but are glad for your reasons to be absent. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

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  2. Looking forward to you writing a book on that subject – dignity and authenticity. A great title and we need to hear more of your wisdom. You can write it in your spare time:-). Blessings in the new call.


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