My Last First Day

Today is most likely my Last First Day of professional ministry.  Although we don’t know what God holds in store for us, chances are that today commences my fourth and last official call as a Presbyterian Pastor.  I’m pretty dang excited.

Weirdly enough, my last day of ministry in Alexandria, VA was exactly seven years ago today. There was a party, and my family was there, and Cindy was alive and present. It was also the day Osama Bin Laden died so there’s that.

As for this day, I look forward to everything – the inspirational, the frustrating, the holy, the not-so-holy, the relationships, the transformations, the hellos and good-byes.  I love professional ministry.  But I am the first to admit that what “success” will look like cannot be fully spelled out today.

The institutional Church exists in the throes of tumultuous change but I find this refreshing.  I humbly ask for your prayers today and my prayer for you is that you find something intensely meaningful in whatever you are doing on this May 1st in the year of our LORD 2018.

Image of the state flower of North Carolina.

6 responses to “My Last First Day

  1. Debbie Taylor

    I love reading your blogs and cannot wait to get to know you better. Welcome to Charlotte! I know God has great things in store for us!


  2. And yesterday was my First Last Day of ministry – the final day of my internship ahead of ordination. Beginnings and endings and liminal times.


  3. Prayers, blessings, and much joy to you on this special day!


  4. Therese Howell

    Blessings on your new ministry! Prayers headed your way… and thanks for the sweet shout out about Cindy Bolbach. She was an amazing woman, and I feel blessed to have met her and shared some time with her.

    And thanks to you for ALWAYS having something that makes me stop and read, and think, and many, many times, pray. Therese Howell

    Stated Clerk Presbytery of Middle Tennessee ________________________________


  5. Brian Tischendorf

    Jan, may the Lord bless you in your new ministry. You have been, are and will continue to be a pleasure to know and serve with.


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