Let Me Tell You About the Father of My Children

For the past two years, he has not only supported my ministry serving the General Assembly of our denomination, but he’s been my biggest fan and then some. He has taken me to and picked me up from the airport more times than we can count since June 2016.

His best days are when our kids and I are having great days.

He can be ridiculous in Dad-like ways (note the pants) and he has modeled both integrity and deep faith to our children throughout their lives and especially now that they are young adults.  He is brilliant and kind.  He loves our dog.  He makes healthy smoothies and rubs my feet when I’m exhausted.  A masterful insight or excellent pun from one of the kids makes his day.  He stands up to bullies and he has a soft spot for others who stand up to bullies.  I can’t thank him enough for being who he is and so I thank God.  It was a life-changing day when I met him.  (Thank you Susan Wonderland.)

Happy Father’s Day to the BDE.  LYB.

2 responses to “Let Me Tell You About the Father of My Children

  1. Louise Winfield

    Fred is indeed a great fellow! You are fortunate indeed. And so is he! You truly “deserve each other.”

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  2. I’m not his child, but a child of his friend’s. Yet, I consider him one of my father figures. When I was attending college on the other side of the country from my family, he routinely drove an hour (or more, if there was traffic) out of his way to drive me around and talk and eat and talk some more. At the time I just thought that he was really nice and really cool. Now that I have an adult job and a child of my own and time is so precious, I am so grateful that he sacrificed several hours at least once a month to help me feel a little bit of home.

    He’s a great man, and a great dad. Although I personally think he should grow the mustache back.


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