Pick a Fight (Please!)

I was introduced to The 24-7 Prayer Room in Charlotte yesterday – which is amazing by the way.  Check out both the national and Charlotte websites.  Rooms and more rooms of prayer stations all artfully decorated to inspire.

One corner is called Pick a Fight replete with boxing gloves.  And it calls pray-ers to pick something – anything: cancer, human trafficking, bullying, racism – and spend time fighting it as a spiritual practice.

This is the calling of anyone who understands our life’s purpose to be service.  Fighting injustice and pain is the best kind of fighting.

What are you called to fight in this life?  Imagine a world in which we stop fighting each other and start fighting anything that brings suffering.

Today is a good one for picking a fight.

Image from the 24/7 Prayer Room Charlotte which is currently on the campus of Caldwell Presbyterian Church.

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