Pivot Points

It’s not that bad choices are irredeemable.  But life is so much easier when we make good/healthy/wise choices.

My friend JV was in town yesterday and he talked about pivot points – those moments in an institution’s life when we have a perfect opportunity to choose a new direction for the sake of growing and thriving in the future.  Churches face these on a regular basis:

  • When it’s time to call a new pastor
  • When there is a dramatic economic shift (e.g. factories close, new business ventures open)
  • When there’s a natural disaster (e.g. a flood/tornado/hurricane destroy the building)
  • When there’s an accidental disaster (e.g. a fire)

Many congregations do the safe thing:

  • They call a pastor who seems to be like their last pastor or a pastor who seems to be like their historically favorite pastor or a pastor who is the opposite of a disliked pastor (i.e. a reaction rather than a proaction.)
  • They rebuild with a focus on sentimental rather than missional factors.
  • They rebuild on the cheap, hire leaders on the cheap, cast a vision on the cheap – when they actually have the resources to stretch a little.

More congregations do what they’ve always done rather than pivot.  (These are the moments I wish Presbyterians had bishops.)

What I love in this ministry are congregations willing to take a leap of faith for the Kingdom of God.*  What I love in this ministry are congregations who have more faith in God than fear of the future.  What I love in this ministry are followers of Jesus who take The Great Commission seriously.

I also love those congregations that don’t want to change a thing.  But it’s a little heartbreaking to watch them die.  (Just a little because –  Resurrection.)

If you are reading this and your church is at a pivot point, please pray that your choices are informed by the Living God – and not weighed down by anxiety and fear.

Your partners in ministry will thank you.

*Kingdom is the usual word but it’s a limiting word for many.  God’s reign is what we are seeking.

2 responses to “Pivot Points

  1. As one who is sadly closing down a church this month, I say “YES! Pivot! Leap!” Thanks, Jan!

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