Now What?

I’m intentionally writing this on election day before I see any election results.  It matters who won and yet there are certain things faithful and hopeful people must do next  – regardless of who was elected.

Following Christ is bigger than following elections.  We know that, right?

I’ve been writing about 21st Century cultural shifts for a long time but today more than ever I hope we will:

  • Get out there.  (Don’t hide behind your desk.)
  • Be deployed to serve in the world.  (Jesus said, “Go out.”)
  • Teach others how to serve. (Don’t try to do it all ourselves.)
  • Recognize that people connect with God and each other in different ways. (My way is not the only way.)
  • Stop otherizing people.  (We are all in this together.)
  • Stop expecting other people to serve us.  (It’s time to serve others.)
  • Remember that rules exist for the sake of relationships.  (See earlier post.)

Whether you are celebrating or mourning today, there’s work to do. Let’s get out there.

Image from a slide I use when talking about necessary church shifts.

2 responses to “Now What?

  1. And how do I move forward, which I will, in good standing when I have been chastised by many in the denomination for being an independent thinker? Last week a well-known pastor emeritus was vocally brutal in his broad swept disgusted and disapproval comments which I know included some of my thinking. Not all of it. It is possible to be purple and have a deep faith, love for your neighbor, support marginalized persons, love Mother Earth and not align with thoughts and language that have come toward me during this time in my life. I lean heavily on being the Beloved Child of God. May we all live in peace.


    • Perry – I don’t know which Presbytery you are a member of, but my hope is that our Mid-Council leaders are permission-givers who encourage independent thinking within some parameters. The PCUSA Form of Government was re-written to allow for more contextual ministry and direction-giving. Some of the questions Charlotte Presbytery COM is trying to ask is about whether or not non-traditional efforts are 1) Is this healthy for the particular pastor and 2) Is this healthy for the particular congregation. Sometimes we want to take actions that are proven to be terrible ideas based on the congregation’s history. Peace to you in your leadership.


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