What’s the Cure for Despair?

Some people drink to forget.  Today we are drinking to remember.  From the communion liturgy at 11-16-18 worship in Marquand Chapel

This article continues to give me life.  Yes, life expectancy decreased in the United States in both 2016 and 2017.  And yes, “the broader basis of this decline” is despair.  And yes, opioid addiction is the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States – even higher than yearly deaths due to HIV, car crashes or gun deaths in their peak years – according to the Centers for Disease Control.  And addiction is a disease of despair.

Why am I hopeful?  Because it’s an excellent time to be the Church.

2019 and beyond could be the most Spirit-filled and Reign of God-esque years that God has ever bestowed upon us . . . IF we are truly the Church of Christ’s fearless disciples (and not a church hooked on institutional survival and civil religion.)  God has presented us with an array of local and global needs, so there are no excuses.

What will the Church offer if we are being faithful?

  • Community (“God With Us” is not just a pithy Advent promise.)
  • Healing (from broken souls, broken bodies, and broken promises.)
  • Radical Inclusion (even addicts and all other screw-ups, and of course every kind of skin color, nationality, orientation, ability, gender, and language.)
  • Authenticity (which is everything in a world when truth-telling is rare.)

What are we called to be and do this Advent season and beyond?  Remember that God was willing to come personally to show us how to be the Church.  Let’s pay attention out there.  Every. Day. God. Is. Revealing. New. People. To. Love.

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