Why I Don’t Want to Quit Facebook (Yet)

I could quit and probably should because the company is seriously ticking me off.  But I’m still on because:

  • I use FB for work.
  • I link it to this blog.
  • I like family photos even when they are also on Instagram.
  • Birthdays.
  • My feed now has minimal political commentary.  Thanks be to God.

I might take down my account nevertheless.  Have you made this decision or are you considering it?

4 responses to “Why I Don’t Want to Quit Facebook (Yet)

  1. I’ve done it several times :). The thing that brings me back is Messenger. I have a couple of Messenger groups that are active every day, and you can’t use those without a Facebook account. I have started unfollowing people pretty aggressively though. You can stay friends with them and not see their stuff in your timeline this way. My rule has kind of been that if I’m not actually interacting with them outside of Facebook I don’t need to be following them.

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  2. Kitty Hahn-Campanella

    I would be so sad (and probably more like devestated) if you did — for all the same reasons — plus, I learn so much from people like you who I can only “hear” speak and know on this forum. Thank you for taking time to write your daily posts on this dedicated blog.


  3. Virginia H. Child

    I’ve thought about leaving but it is the primary way I keep in touch with family members. As others note, however, I’ve learned to un-follow people I’d don’t know in real life. And I’m assiduous in blocking political stories from the far wings of all parties, as well as blocking people who are rude, vulgar, etc. Finally, I’m pretty choosy about what I re-post. Insofar as possible, I try to only pass on stories that build bridges, not walls.

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  4. I delete comments on my posts that I don’t like. I unfriend those whose posts and comments raise my blood pressure. Otherwise, I love Facebook and have no intention of quitting. I love all social media, but like everything in life, one must filter the content.


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