What Will We Be in 2019?

I’ll be preaching a sermon about this soon, but have been thinking about it beyond sermon preparation.  What will we be in 2019?

  • Will we be the people who chant “Lock him up” at his political rivals’ rallies?
  • Will we be the people who take advantage of those who work for us by remunerating them what we can get away with rather than what they deserve?
  • Will we make assumptions about people based on their skin color or gender or age?

My hope is that we will be the ones who elect candidates because we are inspired and not because we are demoralized.  My hope is that we will be generous towards every service person who takes care of us.  My hope is that we will see strangers through the eyes of Christ.

That’s all I ask in this new year.

Image of Stargazers by the amazing fabric artist Chris Robert-Antieau.

2 responses to “What Will We Be in 2019?

  1. Pastor Deborah Lesenger

    Why is the very first thing something derogatory about our current president? Would it not be better for all of us that say we preach the word of God to strive to be more Christ-like first?


    • Thank you for your comment. I didn’t mention the President and it’s my hope that none of us would participate in this kind of chanting regarding any candidate. Yes, aiming to be Christ-like is what I’m talking about here.


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