Star Words with an (Adventurous) Attitude

I didn’t grow up with – or as a pastor ever introduce – Star Words in church. For the other Epiphany Craft Challenged among us, you can read about Star Words here.  (Thank you RevGalBlogPals.)

Here’s how it goes: You pick a star on Epiphany Sunday (that day we remember that the magi followed a star to find Baby Jesus) with a single word on it and – for the new year – it becomes your word.  Star Words are generally uplifting, aspirational, inspirational words like these:


Part of the reason I’ve never been into Star Words is because I need something more than these lovely affirmations.  I need something pithier, earthier, slightly (or not-so-slightly) sassy.  Authentic Church World – at least as I see it – is not about a meek and mild Jesus.

And so here are my suggested Star Words for 2019.  Pick one, if you wish.  Save them for 2020.  Or just imagine what your spiritual life might be like if you held tightly onto one of these sentiments/thoughts/aspirations:

  • Pluck
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Hardcore
  • Effulgence
  • Gusto
  • Luminosity
  • Escapades
  • Puckishness (inspired by National Treasure John Lewis)
  • Uxoriousness
  • Swankification
  • Reality

Happy Epiphany to all!

Image by Shawna Bowman who also suggested Star Words of a different sort.




One response to “Star Words with an (Adventurous) Attitude

  1. My wife and I have a friend in New Orleans who included a “star phrase” in her Christmas/New Year letter. A sentiment for these troubled times — the Christian discipline of “suck it up Buttercup!”


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