How Does Fairness Inform Your Choices?

I’ve spent the past couple days in Louisiana where the entire state is heartbroken over Sunday’s no-call in the NFC Championship Game between the Saints and the Rams.  (The Saints were robbed.)  And I, too, hate sports injustice.

But we live in a world where sports injustice is the least of our worries. We live in a world where people are indeed judged by the color of their skin. We live in neighborhoods biased against people “not like us.”  We do not have equal opportunity for health care, education, and economic advancement.

Would you give business to a bank that has different rates for different races?  Would you eat in a restaurant that refuses to serve certain people?  Would you invest in financial opportunities that take advantage of the poor, the native, the disabled?  Would you support organizations that do not treat their employees well?

Justice issues are usually complex with many layers and perspectives.  But we can at least try to know to whom we are giving our money and time. It takes effort.

Unlike the refs in last Sunday’s playoff game, we need to pay attention.

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