In a Healthy Church . . .

I’ve got a wicked cold and am trying to sleep more, so after Boundary Training yesterday, this is all I want to share – as a gentle reminder, Church Folk:

  • In a healthy church, the treasurer doesn’t keep records at home.
  • In a healthy church, leaders faithfully take their Sabbath time.
  • In a healthy church, former pastors stay away unless invited by the current pastor.
  • In a healthy church, former pastors stay away unless invited by the current pastor.  (Yes, I wrote that twice.)

What would you add?

6 responses to “In a Healthy Church . . .

  1. In a healthy church current staff members don’t vacation with the former pastor every year nor does the former pastor visit whenever he wants in Sunday worship (yes, I know that is the third time)

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  2. Brenda Williams

    In a healthy church, elders don’t say one thing (or nothing) in the Session meeting and something different (even opposite) in the parking lot…

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  3. In a healthy church every leader takes responsibility for their ministry and doesn’t expect paid staff to do it for them.


  4. In a healthy church, the church Secretary doesn’t keep secrets until the bulletin is available on Sunday morning or keep church information at home because she doesn’t like the office computer.


  5. In a healthy church, lay leaders aren’t angry/resentful/belligerent when their term on the board/committee is “up.”


  6. In a healthy church, it isn’t about criticizing what people do but about loving God above all else and your neighbor as yourself, which is the Word.


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