When You Need a Day

I overheard lots of strangers’ conversations in the past 24 hours –  in the airport, in the airplane, waiting for a Lyft, in the grocery store.

One woman was on her way to her boyfriend’s Army basic training graduation.  Another woman was fighting with her husband.  There was a Mom who looked exhausted and her little son was trying to be helpful.  There was a charming guy I thought might be a serial killer because he was persistently offering a young woman a ride even though she kept telling him she already had a ride.  Lots of people looked weary.  Some looked utterly joyless.

Many of them looked like they needed a day. A day to sleep in.  A day at the spa.  A day outside.  A day with a book.  A day in sweatpants. A day with no responsibilities, no burdens.

I return to the office today after a week of continuing education followed by a weekend with HH in our Midwest house.  I got my day plus some.

I hope you get a day soon.

Image is the sky over Idaho last Friday.

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