Working Women

International Women’s Day is ignored in many parts of the world (and in most of the United States) but it’s my hope today that everyone reading this post will have at least one woman in a country other than your own that you honor today.  Maybe you’ve never met her face to face but you respect what she’s done in the world:  Malala Yousafzai, Zulekha DawoodShammaAl Mazrui .

I’m thinking of the women I know who lead congregations in Lebanon and Rwanda and India.  Their ministry is more difficult than my own and yet they have deep hope for the future.  I think of women I’ve met who work as doctors in Syria and teachers in Indonesia, sandwich makers in Turkey and innkeepers in Jordan.

And then there are women who scavenge through trash heaps in Myanmar trying to collect something to sell.  There are women who sew at machines all day in the immense factories of China.

I am a working woman whose mother was a working woman whose mother was a working woman whose mother was a working woman.  I don’t know what my great-grandmother’s mother did all day but I’ll bet she worked hard too.

Women serve a multitude of tasks that keep the world humming.  Today is a good day to consider someone who has not been fully appreciated for the work she does.

Image of working women from all over the world who met in Bose, Italy in 2017 for the Consultation on the Ordination of Women Deacons in the Roman Catholic Church.  (There were a couple men there too.)

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