Where to Rapport?

I misread a notice for jury duty recently and saw instructions on “where to rapport” instead of “where to report.

We “report” to countless offices:  the principal’s office, the boss’ office, etc.  Where we “rapport” is different.

Rapport isn’t even a verb, although we make “adult” a verb, so why not?  We certainly spend a lot of time building rapport with people – sharing interests, creating bonds, generating harmony.  Rapporting is active work.

I will not be rapporting to jury duty in Illinois because I no longer live there.  But I’ve been rapporting quite a bit over the past two weeks.

Lent is a good time to process where we have worked hard to (build) rapport.

  • Are we trying to please people we don’t need to please?
  • Are we making even nominal efforts to please God?
  • Are we spending our time in life-giving pursuits?

Where are we rapporting these days? Have a happy Thursday.

Image of a lovely spot where I recently rapported.


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