Ten Things I Know for Sure (Jan’s Version)

Two years ago, Anne Lamott did a TED Talk called 12 Things I Know for Sure Because people seem to be very anxious these days, here are a few things I know for sure.  I hope it helps.

  1. God always wins. It might not be apparent in this life, but eventually God will win.  (I don’t want to give away the end of the story but #Easter.)
  2. Loving mean people is really hard, but it makes you feel better in the long run.  Hateful human beings don’t know what it feels like to be loved.  We get to show them if we can possibly do it.  And maybe if I can’t do it today, you can.  And I can try again tomorrow.
  3. Terrible things happen.
  4. God uses terrible things. (Note: God does not make those terrible things happen.  God doesn’t pull triggers or mutate cells or sharply turn steering wheels.  But God sends help when those things happen.)
  5. Sometimes we get to be those helpers. And it will change our lives for good.
  6. We cannot fix people.  We can love them.  We can listen to them.  But we cannot make them stop drinking, quit drugs, exercise, clean the house, lose weight, or stop being selfish.  They (with the help of  their Maker) need to do it.  We can cheer them on and that helps a little bit.
  7. Dogs are miracle animals.  I know there are cat people out there, but I have two words for you:  Service Cats.  (I don’t think so.)
  8. Our lives will not be changed by The Mueller Report.  (See #1)
  9. Each of us needs a friend who will say, “Everything’s going to be okay” at just the right time.
  10. Boredom is a sin.

Have a great Monday.  Smile at a dog.  Be authentically kind to a cranky person.  Notice something beautiful. Resurrection is coming.

Images of Anne Lamott speaking at the TED national gathering on April 28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada and Spense – the best dog ever.

2 responses to “Ten Things I Know for Sure (Jan’s Version)

  1. Judith Hanzelin

    Thank you!

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  2. I always smile and wave at the dogs.


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