Embracing JOMO

Social media contributes mightily to FOMO.  We see photos of parties we missed or events we weren’t invited to and deep regret ensues.  Whatever.

The truth is that there can be deep joy in missing out. Maybe it comes with age or maybe it shows up at all ages as a healthy independent streak, but some of us reach a point when we are fine with missing the conference, skipping the party, choosing not to participate in the hoohah.

There are naps to relish.  There are books to read.  There is space to stare into.  Think of it as Marie Kondo-ing your schedule.

What gives me joy?  Sipping a third cup of coffee with a book. Baking banana bread in an empty apartment.  Not going out.

I also find joy in my work, in leading retreats and planning meetings that matter.  I love one-on-one conversations at parties.  I appreciate a good movie on opening night in a big theatre with a balcony surrounded by people dressed like Marvel characters.

But count me out of the Final Four Watch Party at the sports bar.  And I’ll be watching election returns at home without a crowd.  And I am deeply content taking road trips by myself.

What gives you joy in terms of your daily schedule?  Let’s do that more – even if it means not being in all the Instagram shots.  It will change our lives for good.

4 responses to “Embracing JOMO

  1. Helen Setser Stanfield

    I’m right there with you, my friend. I love turning off the tv, and crocheting in the silence.


  2. I just finished reading 3 chapters of a book I had been staring at for a month. Such joy!!


  3. Jannica Greife

    Oh the peace and coziness of the newspaper sudoku puzzle and a Nr. 2 pencil. Thank you for adding a spiritual dimension to it!!


  4. Beverly Darlington

    Joy = working (kind of) in my yard in silence. God is there.


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