Changing the World = Washing the Dishes

The Rev. Jennifer “Helms” and Greg Jarrell are bridge builders in Charlotte, NC and they are changing the world for good in the name of Jesus.  They were recognized with an actual Bridge Builder Award last week at the Meck Min Breakfast.  Greg said – in his remarks – that what he does to change the world includes washing the dishes.

Sometimes Changing the World = Washing the Dishes

Aspirational Gen Z-ers, Visionary Millennials, Not-Yet-Cynical Gen X-ers, and 60s-loving Boomers all want to change the world.  Many of us see ourselves doing Big Selfless Acts or starting our own 501c3 Organizations or running for public office.  Yay us.

Servant leadership is the mark of a spiritually mature person.  And yet, sometimes what’s needed most is someone to do the dishes, someone to clean up after people who cannot clean up after themselves, someone to sit there and be present.  The basics.  Nothing flashy or Nobel-Prize worthy.

The mark of a good human has more to do with noticing that somebody needs a spoon for their soup than starting a new non-profit.  So, here is our Change The World Challenge this Week:

  • Clear somebody else’s dirty dishes.
  • Offer someone a tissue.
  • Refill a stranger’s coffee.
  • Loan your pen.
  • Spot somebody $1 if they’re short.
  • Share your umbrella.
  • Tell someone they look amazing today (but not in a creepy way.)
  • Listen to somebody’s story.

No need to report back.  Just do it.  Change the world this week.

Not sure if Palmolive Dish Soap is still used for manicures, but it definitely cleans dishes.

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