Up Close, It’s Fuzzy

Fuzzy is good for teddy bears.  Not so much for early morning teeth or pollen-laden throats.

Sometimes somebody else’s life looks smooth and silky when – up close – life is actually quite fuzzy:  fuzzy future, fuzzy relationships, fuzzy details.

I remember – as a child and especially as a Middle Schooler – looking at other people’s lives and wondering what they were like up close and in bright light, and I distinctly remember not wanting to trade my live with any of theirs.  I knew the fuzzy parts of my own life and I could live with them.

Most people’s lives are fuzzy.

The same is true for churches.  The church with great curb appeal and perfect-looking people are often the fuzziest – and I’m not just talking about their theology.  Life is fuzzy all-around and it’s okay.  The fuzziness makes life more interesting and more textured.  And it can be beautiful because God is in it.

Image of a lovely plant that’s clearly fuzzy up close.  Serra Retreat Center, Malibu.

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