Because Nakia Lied to Me

She had a good story and I had literally just noticed that my schedule was open for a few hours and I was happy to have a little free time.

She rapped on my car window and was crying. Sobbing actually.

“Do you know where I can get find an ATM?”

“Get in the car.”

[Note to my spouse & children: yes this is dangerous but she had fun hair. And the crying.]

She was from Wilmington and in town to see her mother who had had a heart attack and she’d run out of gas and a guy had filled up her tank and wanted $46 in cash to pay for the gas and she’d left her 14 year old autistic brother named Jeffrey with him so she could run to a cash machine but she didn’t know where to find one and she was just in a production of 101 Dalmatians and she played Cruella deVille for a non-profit theatre company that supports autism research and her name was Nakia.

Nakia lied to me. She said all the right things:

  • Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior.
  • She’s in college in Wilmington and the first in her family to go to college.
  • She’s involved in her Methodist church.

It was about this time that I knew she was lying. Her story wasn’t lining up. But I got her some money and a water bottle and some cookies for Jeffrey and I dropped her off in a parking lot where she was going to pick up some fast food and walk to her car on the other side of McDonald’s.

Me: I can go through the drive through and take you to the car.

Nakia: Oh, you’ve done enough. I’m happy to walk and I need to use the bathroom inside.

Yep. The old “bathroom inside” trick. I prayed with her and gave her my business card that said “Reverend” on it and hugged her goodbye.

God bless you,” she said.

I drove out of the driveway and went around the block and saw her leave with no food and I followed like a detective from a bad TV show.

And as she walked into an apartment parking lot behind a 7-11, I drove up and asked if she was ok. And she knew that I knew that she had lied to me.

Because Nakia lied to me, I may not believe the next stranger who asks me for help. Or maybe I will. Apparently I’m a sucker for crying ladies who look like Cruella.

8 responses to “Because Nakia Lied to Me

  1. Debbie Dodson Parsons

    Yup, been there. And i remember, whether they are lying or not–beneath the truth and the lie, there is always desperation.

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  2. Cynthia W Crowell

    Sorry that happened to you. I have simply decided that every once in a while, in service of the realm of God, we are going to get snookered. But you already know that! Sending a hug.


  3. John Nowaczewski

    …. and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.” (John 8:9-11)
    Some number out of ten it may be a lie, but that one time you may be responding to a deep need.
    Grace and peace to you Jan.

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  4. You know what? I believe you did the right thing. Even when you knew she was lying (I’ve heard every story under the sun, too- “milk and cookies for my blind baby” included). You followed Jesus’ words. Clearly, she has needs that aren’t being met in traditional, upper middle class, white culture ways. But Jesus doesn’t lay down conditions on loving others. He just says love them. And you did. Well done, good and faithful servant.

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  5. She may have lied about the details or even the facts, but neither of those diminish your generosity, material and spiritual. I am glad you showed her up, though… And maybe by doing so, you have started something within her. Or look it as the price for participating in street theater?


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