Seeing Visions

Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. 
Acts 2:17b

For the record, young women also see visions, old women dream dreams, and gender fluid folks see visions and dream dreams as well.

At the risk of sounding Pentecostal, I have both seen visions and – on three different occasions in my adult life – strangers have seen visions about me (and taken steps to find me and fill me in.) I have shared this information with my therapist for a psychotic behavior check and she says I’m okay.

I tend to keep these stories to myself.  I shared one of my stories in a sermon and was ridiculed by a colleague so I learned to talk about my supernatural experiences sparingly.

Yesterday I wrote about churches who might have reached the point of no return in terms of a thriving future ministry.  Death – including Church Death – is part of our tradition and theology, so death doesn’t scare me.  We also believe in resurrection from death.  And we believe in visions and dreams.

Thriving leaders and congregations see things that most others cannot see.  We see potential.  We see miracles.  We see a future where others see only the past.  We see things.  Hope is our super power.

It’s not a false hope and it’s not a cartoon hope.  We see something real and while it might be fuzzy around the edges, we are clear about one thing: it’s about what God can do.

Who are the visionaries in your midst?  Who are the prophets in your spiritual community?  Without them, we are missing out.

Image of Marc Chagall painting the mural in the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.  (1967)


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