Sermons I Can’t Wait to Preach

In a nutshell, God does a lot of talking when we are quiet.

Here are the sermons that popped into my head during my vacation week:

The History of Our Faith in Six Cups – I love this book and reread it on vacation.  Just as Tom Standage tracked the history of the world in six glasses, I’ve figured out that our faith history can be tracked in six cups in the Bible.  (There was glass in Jesus’ day, but it was too expensive for drink ware.)  This sermon will be based on six cup stories.

Sword PlayMatthew 10:34 – Jesus didn’t wield a sword.  He was the sword. (And if we follow Jesus, there will be conflict.)

That Thing About Politics and the PulpitLuke 22:70-71 – Jesus was executed for rebellion against the Roman government. Just calling himself “Son of God” was crucifixion-worthy.  If we align ourselves with Jesus and his message, it’s just a matter of time before someone accuses us of being “too political.”

Being a Christian is Very Inconvenient (And Other Things They Don’t Teach in Sunday School) – There are lots of Bible stories about the expense of following Jesus.  And on my way to vacation, I met a woman with no home, no car, no phone, no food, and no money.  And she wasn’t a con artist.  She was an amazing person who’d fallen through every crack.  And I met her while heading out of town on vacation.

Like I said, God does a lot of talking when we are quiet.

Image of the view from our porch on vacation last week.



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