Go Into the Weekend with Hope

I’ve spent time this week with several people who see no hope.  No hope for their personal financial situation.  No hope regarding our national divide.  No hope that we’ve seen the worst of the gun violence around us. No hope that their physical pain will subside.

And so – in spite of the hopelessness that deadens us – I’m asking you to share the hope you’ve noticed that enlivens us.  Here’s what I’ve got off the top of my head:

  • All traffic stopped in a busy parking lot yesterday to allow an older man using a walker and the woman at his side to cross – very, very, very slowly.  There was no honking.  There was no shouting from car windows.  People waved and smiled.
  • The farmer’s market nearby was open today and there were tomatoes that taste like heaven.
  • Therapy dogs.

What about you?  What’s giving you hope as we move into the weekend?

Image of Jersey the therapy dog who is comforting an Army Veteran simulating a panic attack.  Good boy, Jersey.  Source.

4 responses to “Go Into the Weekend with Hope

  1. Sunday is coming. Will be preaching at a small church whose pastor needs a break.

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  2. Farmer’s Market tomorrow. People supporting my “Birthday Fundraiser” on Facebook to help clean the plastic out of the ocean. People NOTICING white privilege when it happens, and not getting irate when I mention it.


  3. My twin great granddaughters are excited to be in first grade. They are making new friends.

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