More of This Please

We can respond to the current state of the world in countless ways: Twitter Screams, Media Sabbaths, etc.

It occurs to me at the end of a joyous wedding weekend and at the cusp of a much-anticipated conference, that the best way to respond to the current state of the world is to include more events that we know will become anchoring memories.

The wedding was between a young man who is like a son to me and his beloved whom he met at another family wedding.  They are the perfect example of lives restored and redeemed and resurrected into something lovelier than what any of us could have planned.

The conference I’m attending this week includes Traci Blackmon.  That’s all I need to say about that.

And every once in a while, we get a bonus Reason to Live that comes out of nowhere.

We can also be instruments of restorations, redemption, and resurrection this week.  Let’s do more of that.

Image from Driftwood, Texas on Saturday morning.

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