What’s Beautiful About the World Today?

I’ve been lifting up some heavy topics lately and it might give you the idea that I’m no fun.  Actually I have a lot of hope.  I especially have hope for the Church.

Among the most beautiful sights I’ve beheld lately:

  • A newborn surrounded by tired parents who clearly love her with all their being.
  • A photograph of two young people so in love I can feel the electricity from here.
  • A family gathered around a Thanksgiving table holding each other close, in spite of a tough year.
  • A Christmas card featuring ten month old twins so happy that I had to hang the card where I can see it while I cook.

I’ve also seen evidence that many of the blind are receiving their sight, the lame are walking, the lepers are being cleansed, the deaf can hear, the dead are being raised up, and the poor are having good news brought to them.  There are beautiful things happening in this world.  And we can be the ones who notice those beautiful things and tell others – in spite of the world’s darkness.

Have a lovely Friday.

One response to “What’s Beautiful About the World Today?

  1. This is a really interesting and inspiring piece. Thanks for sharing it with us. 


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