Do We All Need a PJ Day?

My family wears pajamas all day every Christmas.  As a double-pastor family, we found that it was the single day of the year that no one from church called – unless there was a catastrophic emergency.

We hang out. We drink coffee and cocoa. We watch movies.  We nap.  We play board games.  It’s like heaven.

This article asked the question last week:

What if, in 2020, the change voters want is actually a pause — not for the long expanse of 8 years but for 4, time to recover from the craziness of life . . .?

As the article suggests, my teeth hurt from all the crazy, the backbiting, the brokenness.  I am not promoting any particular candidate (although the WaPo article is), but I’m loving the idea of a national PJ Day when we hang out with people who agree with us and people who disagree with us.  Let’s drink coffee and cocoa together.  Let’s watch movies and nap and play board games.

We need a little time to reset our priorities and temper our tempers.  The alternative will only continue to rip our nation apart.

Can we do this? Take a political breather?

Image of the Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA that time they took a PJ Day in 2017.

One response to “Do We All Need a PJ Day?

  1. A political breather certainly seems nice in theory. My issue is that the politics go beyond disagreement when the politics of far too many are practically advocating for violence towards the disenfranchised. I agree it’s necessary to diconnect from the madness, but I’m not rushing to play Connect 4 with people who refuse to see me as truly human. The politics of some threaten the very livelihood of many.


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