The Gift of Cancellations

Although I don’t believe that God has zapped us with a new virus to contend with, I do believe that God uses everything to bring some kind of good.  To reiterate: COVID 19 is not good.  But God takes what’s ugly, ordinary, scary and turns it into something beautiful, extraordinary, and comforting.

Our schedules are suddenly opening up because all kinds of events are being cancelled.  Some of the cancellations are heartbreaking.  Some are a relief.

Time is a huge gift and today I receive the personal gift of another birthday.  I’ve been given more time than either of my parents and I don’t take that lightly.  There are gifts in losing my parents early – like I never saw them get old.  But I particularly miss them on my birthday.

I’m grateful for these years and – with all these cancellations – I’m grateful for time that’s opened up in the coming days and weeks.  How will we use this newfound time well? That consideration is – in and of itself – a spiritual discipline.

What a wonderful time to find extra time. Enjoy every moment. And be safe out there.

Image of my mom just days before I was born. She was 23 years old.

8 responses to “The Gift of Cancellations

  1. Nancy Daugherty

    Happy Birthday Jan!

    Your blog is a daily gift for which I am deeply grateful.


  2. Happy birthday. You are blessed


  3. Happy Birthday, Jan! I so appreciate your insight, bold honesty, and faith. You are a blessing and a gift to the church and to me personally. Hope you are able to celebrate and be celebrated today. Blessings!


  4. Have a wonderful birthday, Jan! I, too, have out lived both of my parents and am so glad I am still here to care for Andy. He has been in Acute Rehab for over a week, and today we hope to hear when he will be discharged from Holly Cross Hospital. Hari and our VA doctor don’t want us to fly home, so we are trying to figure out how and when we will get back to VA. Prayers would be appreciated.


  5. Suzanne Ripley Weston

    Happy Birthday Jan!


  6. Carole Brejcha

    Happy birthday Jan and I couldn’t agree with you more about this freedom from those schedules. A real blessing!!!


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