Church Financial Health in the Age of COVID-19

Church leaders are concerned.  Some are afraid.

How can we pay our pastor and staff if we can’t collect financial tithes and offerings in actual offering plates on Sunday mornings?

Many congregations have a long history of using auto-pay or online donation buttons or giving apps.  Keep using those tools, people.  Believe me, your pastor and church staff might not look like they are working if they are quarantining themselves, but the work is different.  And stressful.

If your congregation depends primarily on cash and checks literally placed in an offering plate each week, these will be financially tight days.  It’s an excellent time to set up online giving or apps.  And then teach people how to use those tools if necessary.

The painful financial ramifications of this national emergency are countless.  Many restaurants will close for good before this is over.  The hospitality industry is hurting after hotel and flight cancellations.  Retails stores are hurting.  Movie theatres and other entertainment venues are hurting.

This is a good time to buy gift cards from your favorite businesses to use once things open up again.

And this is also a good time to be sure that your congregation and all the non-profits you financially support continue to receive your support.  If you can give more, please do.  If you can’t, it’s okay.  If you need financial support yourself, let somebody know so we can help.

Congregations are continuing to offer pastoral care, education, virtual worship, and safe haven.  But they can’t do that without resources.

Be generous.  Channel your inner fairy godmother.  Be someone’s Secret Santa (or Personal Leprechaun or Easter Bunny.)  And get a phone app.

3 responses to “Church Financial Health in the Age of COVID-19

  1. Thank you for this reminder. I just called our church office to check on grocery gift cards. We are running low so I’m heading out to stock up on some more. there will be needs and I want to be prepared.


  2. Good reminder!

    Also wanted to mention that churches that have a Facebook page and register it as a nonprofit can accept donations from their Facebook page with zero transaction fees. This maybe especially helpful for churches that aren’t set up for online giving yet.

    Details here:

    Other virtual church tips:


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